Pickering Electronics - A Brief History

Pickering Electronics was formed in January 1968, with the aim to design and manufacture high quality reed relays, intended principally for use in Instrumentation and Test equipment.

Today, Pickering's Single-in-Line (SIL) range is by far the most developed in the relay industry with relays 25% the size of many of their competitors. The small SIL relays are sold in high volumes to large ATE companies throughout the world.

Pickering relays have many advantages over the more usual 'Hard Moulded' construction. They are constructed using SoftCenter ® technology which greatly reduces stress on the delicate glass reed switch capsule for maximum life and performance. Mu-metal magnetic screening allows high packing density without the risk of problems due to magnetic interaction between relays.

Pickering Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified company.


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Pickering Electronics - Our UK Facility
Pickering Electronics - Our UK Facility

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