Pickering Series 111
PICO SIL Reed Relays
Including coaxial types for up to 1.5 GHz for stacking on 0.15 x 0.4 inches pitch giving SUPERB PACKING DENSITY
SoftCenter ® construction
Highest quality instrumentation grade switches
Mu-metal magnetic screening
Internal mu-metal magnetic screen
Two package styles - Mu-metal package or Plastic package with internal mu-metal magnetic screen
They take up the minimum of board area,conserving
board space
Insulation resistance greater than 10E12 Ohms (1TOhms)
5 Volt coils with or without internal diode

100% tested for dynamic contact resistance

The Pickering Series 111 is a range of magnetically screened single-in-line reed relays that stack on 0.15 inches by 0.4 inches pitch. They have an identical footprint to the Series 110 and 112 but the height is reduced to only 0.26 inches (6.6mm).

The switch rating of 3 Watts is adequate for most instrumentation applications. If a higher power rating is required, please look at our Series 110 or 112 which have a 10 Watts rating and an identical pin-out. The range also includes the type 111RF, a 50 ohms coaxial device suitable for use up to 1.5 GHz.

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Pickering Reed Relays 111 & 111P High Density

Pickering Reed Relay High Density Dimensions 111