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The Series 114 range of SIL reed relays are intended for power levels that are beyond the
capabilities of conventional dry SIL reed relays.

The more usual dry relays are rated 0.5 amps at 10 Watts. The Series 114 have a rating of 1 amp
switching at up to 40 Watts and will carry 2 amps. In many cases, this higher rating will allow them
to be used as an alternative to mercury wetted reed relays

Features SoftCenter ® technology
Small size
SIL relay in plastic package
Internal mu-metal magnetic screen
40 watts switch rating
One or two switches in a single package
Form A (energize to make) or Form B
. (energize to break) configurations
5, 12 and 24 Volt coils are standard, with
..or without internal diode
May be used to replace mercury relays in
..some applications
High Power Switching Pickering Relay 114

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Unusually for high power relays, this range features sputtered ruthenium switches which makes
them usable at low levels also. Most high power reed relays have electroplated tungsten or
rhodium switches which have a poorer low level performance.

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