Pickering Series 102
Subminiature Coaxical RF Reed Relays
SoftCenter ® construction
Highest quality instrumentation grade switches
Form A (energize to make) or Form B (energize to break) configurations
Up to 20 watts switching capability
Insulation resistance greater than 10E12 Ohms (1TOhms)
5, and 12 Volt coils are standard, with or without internal diode
100% tested for dynamic contact resistance

The Series 102 is a range of subminiature coaxial reed relays for high frequency applications up to 3 GHz.

Two package types are available, both displaying outstanding RF performance in terms of low insertion loss, good isolation and excellent VSWR characteristics in 50 ohms systems.

These relays have good coil drive levels making them ideal for portableapplications or where space is at a premium. If an even smaller RF relay is required, look at the Series 109RF or 111 RF.

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RF Pickering Reed Relay 102

RF Pickering Reed Relays Dimensions 102