Pickering Series 62 & 63
High Voltage Dry Reed Relays
For up to 15 kV
SoftCenter ® construction
Up to 15 kV stand-off
12.5 kV switching
Small size
Easy mounting
Long life
Fully encapsulated

Series 62 Chassis mounting with push-on connections on the top face

Series 63 Printed circuit mounting with push-on high voltage connections on the top face

The Series 62 and 63 ranges of high voltage reed relays feature push-on terminals and are supplied complete with the appropriate connectors and insulating boots.

They are available for up to 15kV stand-off, 12.5kV switching at 50 Watts maximum. Tungsten plated contacts ensure a long and reliable life.

Both Form A (energize to make) and Form B (energize to break) configurations are available and it is usually possible to achieve a Form C (change-over) function by using a Form A and a Form B type together.


  Download PDF Data Sheet for Series 62 & 63
  Download 3D Models for Series 62 & 63

Up to 15kV: Tungsten Switch Pickering Reed Relay 62 & 63


Pickering Electronics 62 & 63 Tungsten Switch Reed Relays