Surface Mount Pickering Reed Relays

All Pickering reed relays feature the highest quality instrumentation grade reed switches making them suitable for the most demanding applications.
Surface mount reed relays featuring internal mu-metal magnetic screens. Suitable for infa-red or vapour phase reflow soldering.

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Surface Mount Pickering Reed Relays
Surface Mount Reed Relays
Wide range featuring dry or mercury wetted switches
Coaxial version for high speed digital or RF up to 6 GHz
5, 12 or 24 volt coils with optional diode
Surface Mount Pickering Relay Dimensions 200
Dimensions 1A & Coaxial with pins
L=0.68in. (17.25mm.)
W=0.154in. (3.9mm.)
H=0.27in. (6.8mm.)
Surface Mount Pickering Reed Relays